Friday, July 10, 2015

Robert Sestok-City Sculpture Opening

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Tomight is the night; the grand opening of longtime Cass Corridor artist Robert Sestok's City Sculpture art park. Sestok will be showing his large-scale works at the corner of Alexandrine and the Lodge Freeway. With a rotating exhibition schedule and visiting artist program, the park is dedicated to exposing the public to experimental sculpture work in Detroit.

Before the suits whitewashed Cass Corridor's history by rebranding it as Mid Town, the Corridor was the center of the art universe in Detroit, and Robert Sestok was an intrigal participant in that movement.

Because of the cooperative nature of the artists who were living and working in Cass Corridor during the 1960's and 70's, there styles formed a collective raw aesthetic that reflected not only the city of Detroit, but the overall mood of anxiety and disenchantment that was paramount to the rise of the counter culture movement. Along with artists Gordon Newton, Michael Luchs, John Egner and Brenda Goodman, to name only a few, Robert Sestok can be seen as an important piece to the legacy of artists whose work has come to represent the fabric of Detroit's art community.

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